Mouse and keyboard

Main activities:

Fighting, upgrading skills and giving gifts/curses





7Wizards was a virtual world game. You created an avatar (wizard), fought others and upgraded your power, defence, dexterity, skills and vitality.


It is unknown why, but for over a year the game disappeared and became unplayable. It's possible it had something to do with money, but the game had 1,000s of active users back then.

The game came back after a year but everyone had to start over. Any progress you had was gone. It was bad for everyone, though suspected worse for those very high in the Hall Of Glory.

Currently, the game has shut down and is unplayable due to the fact they were lacking users and income from the game. One cause was the new membership, which let people fight too many times, and the other was the updated security, which made some users unable to login.


Clan Wars

Clan wars are when you attack another clan. During clan wars, you cannot leave the clan. When a clan wins, they steal half the opponent clan's mana. To win a clan war, you must either destroy more defense or bring every wizard's health in the opposing clan to below 80.

Donating To Clan

Donating to your clan means donating mana or soon-to-be crystals. You cannot donate mana during war.

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