Every Witch Way is a TV show on Nickelodeon. Its mainly about witches.


Emma Alonso

A girl with a sweet personality, Emma doesn't like getting in trouble or doing bad things. She is a witch who loves glitter, scrapbooking and bunnies. Her BFF is Andi. Emma3

Maddie Van Pelt

She's the most popular girl in school and is also a witch. She lost her powers for a while but got them back. She likes casting spells on Emma and loves Daniel but is dating Diego. Her best friends are Sophie and Katie. Maddie2

Andi Cruz

Emma's tomboy sidekick and friend, she loves weapons and video games. She will do anything to protect Emma and is not a fan of Jax. She loves guardians and wants to be one. Andi


Mia's a powerful kanay who wants revenge on witches. She's manipulative and out to get Emma. Mia3

Daniel Miller

Though he doesn't have powers, Daniel would do anything to protect Emma. He has an off-on relationship with Emma. Daniel

Jax Novoa

He's not a witch, he's a wizard. He's in love with Emma and tried to take over the world but failed. He is from Australia. Jax Telekenis

Diego Rueda

He's a Kanay, he controls fire, water and wind. He also has the power to create portals. He is Maddie's girlfriend. Diego



Jemma is the romantic pairing of Jax and Emma. Even when Emma dated Daniel, it's shown they both have feelings for each other. Emma And Jax7


Demma is the complicated relationship of Daniel and Emma. Although they both love each other, someone always gets in the way of their relationship. Emma And Daniel7


Emmandi is the friendship pairing of Emma and Andi. Although they have opposite personalities, they are super close friends and would protect each other no matter what. Emma And Andi7


Miego is the romantic pairing of Maddie and Diego. Diego would do anything for Maddie, and Maddie gets jealous whenever someone loves Diego. Maddie And Diego


Pandi is the romantic pairing of Philip and Andi. Although Philip is just a zombie from a video game, Andi is madly in love with him.